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Title Presentation type Surname (author 1) Countrysort descending Date Start time Venue
Video Workshop (en Francais) workshop/tutorial Théron FRANCE 1 Oct Thursday 930 Commissions 1
Unlocking the potential of a World Leading Sound archive - 2 years later spoken paper Brossollet FRANCE 30 Sept Wednesday 1 430 Grand Auditorium
Memorie's factory, a century of industrial history poster Mettetal FRANCE
Modélisation des oeuvres d'art numérique et de leur dispositif de lecture spoken paper Thomas FRANCE 30 Sept Wednesday 1 730 Grand Auditorium
New ways to index and share sounds on line spoken paper Simonnot FRANCE 27 Sept Sunday 1 430 Belvedere 2
Les archives militaires des témoignages oraux : enjeux et défis spoken paper Choron FRANCE 30 Sept Wednesday 1 130 Salle 70
Saving South-African heritage : Rivonia trials original dictabelts digitizing spoken paper Amouroux FRANCE 30 Sept Wednesday 1 200 Salle 70
Du Oued Souf (Algérie) à Nanterre (France). Les mémoires de l’immigration algérienne de Nanterre spoken paper Olmos FRANCE 28 Sept Monday 1 430 Grand Auditorium
Harvesting audio streaming content and making it accessible for research and academic purposes poster Mussou FRANCE
The sources of ethnomusicology: a collaborative project between BnF, Quai Branly Museum and CREM spoken paper Cordereix FRANCE 28 Sept Monday 1 630 Grand Auditorium
Opening the virtual doors of the Ch. Cros Collection: making a hidden but unique heritage accessible spoken paper Deraze FRANCE 29 Sept Tuesday 930 Grand Auditorium
Preservation of audiovisual material at the BnF spoken paper Theron FRANCE 30 Sept Wednesday 1 700 Salle 70
Conserver et donner accès aux documents multimédia sur disque optique : l’exemple de la BnF spoken paper Humblot FRANCE 29 Sept Tuesday 1 030 Grand Auditorium
Guidelines and best practices to ensure everlastingness of digital data workshop/tutorial Varra FRANCE 30 Sept Wednesday 1 130 Commissions 4
La Sonotheque de Haute-Normandie spoken paper Parks FRANCE 1 Oct Thursday 1 130 Grand Auditorium
Early video: an emerging object in our audiovisual heritage spoken paper Carou FRANCE 30 Sept Wednesday 930 Grand Auditorium
Open access to the field recording: When biomedical sciences meet social sciences spoken paper Ginouvès FRANCE 1 Oct Thursday 1 600 Grand Auditorium
The Video archives management at the Philharmonie de Paris spoken paper Bailly FRANCE 30 Sept Wednesday 1 000 Grand Auditorium
Use case – large-scale outsourced digitization project with automatic supervision spoken paper Lorenz GERMANY 30 Sept Wednesday 1 230 Grand Auditorium
Wikimedia Commons as an archive of sound and audiovisual materials from the scholarly literature spoken paper Mietchen GERMANY 27 Sept Sunday 1 700 Belvedere 2