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Titre Presentation type Surname (author 1) Pays Datetrier par ordre décroissant Start time Venue
Karadeniz Music Archive (Karma): Preparation and Formation Stages poster Akat TURKEY
Memorie's factory, a century of industrial history poster Mettetal FRANCE
The Conservation Project of Chinese Historical Records poster Cai CHINA
Organizing Knowledge obtained from Indian Gramophone Discs poster Chandvankar INDIA
Cultural sites as living archives among the Bagisu of Uganda poster Makwa SOUTH AFRICA
Acquisition, preservation and access: Unique Gramophone Museum & Records Archive in Kerala, India poster Kunnelpurayidom INDIA
Mapping the Independent Media Community poster Mattock UNITED STATES
Harvesting audio streaming content and making it accessible for research and academic purposes poster Mussou FRANCE
Sustainability, a key aspect for building digital sound archives in Latin America poster Rodríguez MEXICO
A long awaited bridge: Constructing Indian musical notation archives for world audience poster Roy INDIA
Archiving Istanbul’s contemporary soundscape as digital sonic heritage collection poster Yelmi TURKEY
Hungarian National Sound Archives. Past, Present and Future – Efforts, Problems and Plans spoken paper Szabo HUNGARY 27 Sept Sunday 930 Belvedere 2
The Studs Terkel Radio Archive: Take it easy, but take it... to new places spoken paper Schein UNITED STATES 27 Sept Sunday 1 530 Belvedere 1
Re-Wired: The Obsolescence of Wire Recordings in Audio Archiving spoken paper Salosaari FINLAND 27 Sept Sunday 1 530 Belvedere 1
New ways to index and share sounds on line spoken paper Simonnot FRANCE 27 Sept Sunday 1 430 Belvedere 2
Revisiting Records Revisited: Cataloging The Morton J. Savada Collection at Syracuse University spoken paper Midtlyng UNITED STATES 27 Sept Sunday 1 700 Belvedere 2
Wikimedia Commons as an archive of sound and audiovisual materials from the scholarly literature spoken paper Mietchen GERMANY 27 Sept Sunday 1 700 Belvedere 2
Developing Sustainable AMI Collection Policies at the New York Public Library spoken paper Hiam UNITED STATES 27 Sept Sunday 1 430 Belvedere 2
Challenges of Teaching Sound Studies that Include Preservation Issues in Malaysia spoken paper Musib MALAYSIA 27 Sept Sunday 930 Belvedere 1
MediaConch: An open source audiovisual file conformance checker spoken paper Blewer FRANCE 27 Sept Sunday 1 200 Belvedere 1