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The Video archives management at the Philharmonie de Paris

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Philharmonie de Paris ( formerly Cité de la musique)
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Pierre- Jean Bouyer
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spoken paper
30 Sept Wednesday
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1 000
Grand Auditorium

The new Philharmonie de Paris, opened in January 2015, is a major music complex combining a rich offer of cultural and educational events. The Philharmonie de Paris encompasses the former Cité de la musique and a new building, from architect Jean Nouvel. This building includes a 2400 seats concert hall, rehearsal rooms, an exhibition space, an educational and a resources center. Part of the resources center mission is to collect, curate, disseminate and preserve the audio and video recordings of the Philharmonie de Paris concerts halls. In addition, the center runs a concert video live broadcasting service:
This Paper details the workflow of the video archives management, from the live encoding during the concert to the preservation tasks, describing the work done by production managers, digital video engineers, librarians, archivists and web developers.