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Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities for the IASA 2015 conference

Showcase your IASA Sponsorship through our 2015 Annual Conference

The 2015 IASA Conference brings together an impressive range of world class expertise, knowledge and experience and continues its aim to promote, encourage and support the development of best professional sound and audiovisual standards and practice in all countries.

Sponsors of the IASA Conference achieve high visibility amongst the attendees of the conference and the members of this forward-thinking organization. But this is not the only benefit, as support not only gains an opportunity for your company, it also helps us with our initiatives in the world of sound and audiovisual archiving, contributes to the maintenance our education, training and other standards and guidance activities, and ensures that it remains affordable to participate in IASA, cost being an all too critical issue in today's global economy.

For information on sponsorship opportunities, please download the sponsorship prospectus ( Adobe PDF, 228KB).

For more information on sponsorship, please email: