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Identifying typical cases for which the current ways of cataloguing, retrieving and accessing remain effective (documentation & data management)

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Convener, IASA-OK Task Force; Co-founder, TITAN Non Profit Association
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1 Oct Thursday
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1 130
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The IASA-Organizing Knowledge taskforce has been established to identify strategic directions for the AV archival in the future. The semantic technologies and the semantic web offer new possibilities. The roles and places of the archives and of the archivist are drastically changing in the native digital era. However, most of the existing collections of audio-visual archives are managed and presented using classical technologies clearly fitting to their associated requirements. In these cases, the current facilities simply need to be maintained; there are no need of any radical technology evolution. The tutorial will analyse the characteristics of the requirements related to specific collection objects. From that analysis will emerge categories of AV collections for which the semantic technologies will not bring significant advantages against a clever use of the current technologies and categories of AV collections for which the semantic technologies could provide significant new opportunities for the valorisation of the archives, their cataloguing, retrieving and accessing. The tutorial will illustrate both cases and introduce a graceful migration process. The tutorial is a continuation of the paper presented in the July 2014 issue of the IASA Journal (n°43 pp 25 – 36) focused on the migration to semantics and on born semantic objects.