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Media Preservation at Scale: The Indiana University Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative

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Indiana University
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Michel Merten
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spoken paper
30 Sept Wednesday
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1 200
Grand Auditorium

The Indiana University (IU) Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative (MDPI) is charged with digitally preserving all significant audio and video recordings on all IU campuses within five years. This presentation explores the strategy that IU is using to digitize more than 250,000 recordings in this timeframe. Mike Casey, MDPI Director of Technical Operations, will discuss digitization strategy, pre-digitization preparation, post-digitization processing, long-term preservation, and access. He will address challenges in prioritization, working with many diverse units, managing the project, quality control, and feeding the industrial-scale digitization ‘beast’ among other topics. Michel Merten, Managing Director of IU’s private partner Memnon Archiving Services, will explore the highly-efficient, industrial-scale, parallel transfer workflows used by the project. This will include a look at the technology and human interface, quality assurance steps, use of a workflow management application, the value of the human factor, and other topics. This presentation will provide a thoughtful view of what it takes to digitally preserve the significant media holdings of a large and complex institution.