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Developing Sustainable AMI Collection Policies at the New York Public Library

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New York Public Library for the Performing Arts
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spoken paper
27 Sept Sunday
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A recent assessment of the New York Public Library’s audio and moving image holdings prioritized 681,542 items for reformatting based on long-term research value and uniqueness. 209,403 of these items are the originals/master recordings, for which preservation is deemed essential. Of the remaining 472,139, most of which are commercially-produced recordings, 23,606 are rare or unique and at risk due to format obsolescence. While this assessment identifies the preservation needs of the collection, the report is forward-looking through the recommendation of policies to plan for the growth of the holdings, taking into account the current and future needs of the collections, and the resources available to care for these materials. The report, in concert with advice of the NYPL Audio and Moving Image Working Group, a committee of institutional stakeholders from across the Library’s research divisions, recommends that NYPL assess and amend its collection policies by identifying lifecycle costs and potential long-term service considerations inherent in new acquisitions, so as to prevent future preservation crises. This presentation outlines the recent developments in the creation, experimentation, and implementation of new and revised AMI collection policies for all of NYPL’s research divisions.