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28 Sept Monday
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1 630
Salle 70

Today's archives are overflowed with information of any kind, so the keyword is “selection”.
The following questions will be discussed:
Do we really have too much material and collect too much information?  Are there other concepts like “prioritization” and what about “weeding” used in traditional archives? Is the cost the only argument? What about collaboration and selection?
First we need to clarify the definitions and differences between “selection” and “prioritization”.
There are various factors in a sound and audiovisual archives which make a selection or a prioritization necessary during the processing of any documents. When is a selection appropriate, and when a prioritization?  Finally, the development and application  of appropriate criteria will be discussed. Basically, once a selection or prioritization is determined, it should be integrated into the overall concept of the archive and become an integral part of the corresponding work flow, but the criteria must be reviewed regularly and maybe changed.
What archives are collecting today will constitute the cultural heritage in the future and all material, and information dumped will never be part of it.