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Open access to the field recording: When biomedical sciences meet social sciences

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MMSH - Maison méditerranéenne des sciences de l'homme (AMU-CNRS)
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Thierry Rosso
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spoken paper
1 Oct Thursday
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Grand Auditorium

In 2013 began a research program on practices, representations and issues in public health about pre-milky food (gift and neonatal consumption of the colostrum). This program (2013-2015) involves 13 partners in 7 different countries (Germany, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, France, Morocco) on 4 continents. All the audiovisual sources (sound archives and photographies) recorded in the field are preserved at the MMSH sound archives center (Aix-en-Provence). As the first international project completely dedicated to the very initial phase of human feeding, the ingestion of colostrum, all the researchers (in biological and social sciences) choose to give an open access to all citizen to the result of the program and to the audiovisual archives. This paper focuses on the source of wealth of this experience, the challenges involved in the multidisciplinary archiving and the place of the archives recorded in the field.