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Presentation of DLPprofession, a storage concept using standard hardware and Free software

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Österreichische Mediathek
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spoken paper
30 Sept Wednesday
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1 030
Salle 70

"DLP-Profession" is a concept that was researched and developed at the Austrian Mediathek to find a less expensive method of longterm digital preservation that was optimized for archival issues.
The focus was on features important for archival needs and avoiding those that have less relevance and increase the costs.
The most important issue for archival use above reliability and speed of the access portal, is security: the option for the archives to get access to the hires data in as many cases as possible--even in cases of failures and disasters.
Despite the obvious needs of storing data, the writing access should be restricted to automated workflows in order to minimize human errors.
Using standard components for hardware and Free Software leads to an open solution that is more independent from the market strategies.
The presentation will include price calculations from the Austrian Mediathek as well as the important question of sourcing external support.