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Title Presentation typesort descending Surname (author 1) Country Date Start time Venue
Building a UK National Preservation Network spoken paper Prentice UNITED KINGDOM 29 Sept Tuesday 1 000 Grand Auditorium
Styli over substance: Analysis of stylus size choices in transcription discs spoken paper Sueiro UNITED STATES 29 Sept Tuesday 1 130 Salle 70
Development of contactless playback of analogue records to digital sound files spoken paper Molneryd SWEDEN 29 Sept Tuesday 1 200 Salle 70
Early video: an emerging object in our audiovisual heritage spoken paper Carou FRANCE 30 Sept Wednesday 930 Grand Auditorium
Open access to the field recording: When biomedical sciences meet social sciences spoken paper Ginouvès FRANCE 1 Oct Thursday 1 600 Grand Auditorium
The Video archives management at the Philharmonie de Paris spoken paper Bailly FRANCE 30 Sept Wednesday 1 000 Grand Auditorium
The Changing Role of AVArchives as Memory Storages - Using the example of private video sources spoken paper Fröschl AUSTRIA 30 Sept Wednesday 1 030 Grand Auditorium
Leveraging partnerships to manage and preserve the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty records spoken paper Burke UNITED STATES 30 Sept Wednesday 1 130 Grand Auditorium
Challenges of Teaching Sound Studies that Include Preservation Issues in Malaysia spoken paper Musib MALAYSIA 27 Sept Sunday 930 Belvedere 1
My Space, Your Space, ColorSpace spoken paper Blood UNITED STATES 1 Oct Thursday 1 430 Salle 70
Media Preservation at Scale: The Indiana University Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative spoken paper Casey UNITED STATES 30 Sept Wednesday 1 200 Grand Auditorium
MediaConch: An open source audiovisual file conformance checker spoken paper Blewer FRANCE 27 Sept Sunday 1 200 Belvedere 1
Use case – large-scale outsourced digitization project with automatic supervision spoken paper Lorenz GERMANY 30 Sept Wednesday 1 230 Grand Auditorium
Performance of Analog-to-Digital Converters for Sound: Methods and Metrics spoken paper Murray UNITED STATES 27 Sept Sunday 1 200 Belvedere 1
Sound is half the movie: the preservation of ¼” final mix soundtracks spoken paper Rowe NEW ZEALAND 1 Oct Thursday 1 530 Salle 70
Unlocking the potential of a World Leading Sound archive - 2 years later spoken paper Brossollet FRANCE 30 Sept Wednesday 1 430 Grand Auditorium
Issues and Challenges of Audio Heritage Preservation in Czech Memory Institutions spoken paper Sir CZECH REPUBLIC 27 Sept Sunday 930 Belvedere 2
Evaluating Your Digital Archive: Using ISO 16363 As A Self-Assessment Planning Tool spoken paper Lyons UNITED STATES 1 Oct Thursday 1 600 Salle 70
Building Shared Collections spoken paper Rossi UNITED STATES 30 Sept Wednesday 1 500 Grand Auditorium
Uncovering the Philly Groove: Processing leaves the archives with shared solutions spoken paper Seay UNITED STATES 30 Sept Wednesday 1 530 Grand Auditorium